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Angelo D'Amico Canada Business Strategy Podcast Guest

Angelo received a degree in economics from Trent University with a supplementary emphasis in philosophy, and a certificate in marketing strategy from Cornell University. 

He has established himself as a noteworthy strategic and philosophical thinker. Angelo's early career was spent as a strategic consultant, where he spent 10 years helping guide numerous businesses and organizations toward sustainable growth and long-term success. He is now an owner and executive of a manufacturing company, and he holds multiple board positions in not-for-profit organizations.

Through years of observation and access to leadership in business and politics, Angelo has codified a set of rules that successful people consistently apply to gain favor, earn trust and secure promotions. His thirty-page guide, which as available for free on this site, is aimed at helping bring this set of observations to anyone with an interest in achieving these ends.

As an owner of two successful manufacturing companies in Canada, Angelo remains grounded in practical application of strategic thinking and tools. He supports leaders within his businesses in the establishment and evolution of competitive positions.

Do open a discussion with Angelo or invite him to appear as a guest on your podcast, please the use link below.

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